25 GB of Cloud Storage + Simple Online Collaboration

February 18, 2013

We are pleased to announce that Pitt has partnered with Box to provide 25 GB of free cloud storage to all students, faculty, and staff. You can use Box to access your files from anywhere on any device. And you can invite others to collaborate with you online. You can even share files with a simple Web link.

Try Box today at pitt.box.com or learn more at technology.pitt.edu/box.

How will you use Box? Here are a few ideas.

Take your files with you (not your flash drive)

Your files are stored securely in the cloud so that you can access them anywhere at any time. No need to carry a USB flash drive.

Send big files fast

Have a video or other file that is too big to email? Upload it to Box and share it using a simple link.

Collaborate on a project

Need to work on a group project for class? With Box, everyone can view and edit files in one location. Add comments right alongside the files. Assign tasks with due dates. Receive real-time updates when someone edits or comments on a document. View previous versions of files. Box is a more efficient way to manage group work because it puts an end to "reply all" email chains and endless file attachments.

Stay organized and find what you need quickly

You don't have to share files on Box. You can just use it as your own personal storage space. And Box makes it easy to find everything you store. Organize files into folders, just like you do on your computer. Search for specific text within your files. Tag your files with keywords so that you can quickly find what you need.

Back up and sync your files

Save time by syncing files on your desktop to Box. When you save a change on your desktop, the file is automatically updated in Box.

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