Microsoft Lync Upgrade to Feature Lync/Skype Integration and Enhanced Web App

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We are pleased to announce that CSSD will be upgrading the version of Lync used by University of Pittsburgh students, faculty, and staff on September 24, 2013.

The upgrade will not affect your day-to-day use of Lync, but it does provide several useful new features:

Connect with Skype Users

You will now be able to add Skype users to your list of Lync contacts. Once added, you will be able to see that person's online status, send instant messages to them, or start an instant video chat with them.

To add a Skype user to your Lync contacts, just type their Microsoft account name into Lync's "Add Skype Contact" window (available through "Add a contact not in my organization"). Skype users will also be able to add Lync users to their contact list.

Collaborate More Easily Using the New Lync Web App

The enhanced Lync Web App allows you to use integrated audio and video from a Windows computer or a Mac. This means that almost anyone can join your meeting using only a Web browser and without installing any software. Once they join, they will now be able to use their computer's built-in audio during the meeting, and they will also be able to see and share video.

In addition, the new Web app now provides the ability for Mac users as well as Windows users to share their desktop during a meeting.

Try the New Lync 2013 Desktop Client

We will also make the latest version of the desktop client, Lync 2013, available for download through the Software Download Service at My Pitt ( The Lync 2013 desktop client features a new interface and the ability to run five video sessions simultaneously. It also provides additional ways to manage participation in your meetings, such as the ability to disable instant messages and the ability to hide the list of participants from those who are attending your meeting.

For more information about using Lync at Pitt, please visit our Microsoft Lync help page.

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