Faculty Information System

OverviewFaculty Information System

The Faculty Information System allows researchers to manage their CV, create an NIH Biographical Sketch, and generate a report that can be used during the performance review process. If you have a University of Pittsburgh computing account, you have all you need to access the Faculty Information System.

The Faculty Information System is designed to:

  • Create an Annual Report: You can easily create an annual review report for your departmental chair or dean using one of the available University-approved templates. Examples of report templates can be found here.
  • Manage your CV: Enter and edit your CV information and easily produce a formatted CV, available as a .PDF or Word document.
  • Create an Online Profile: Create and edit an online profile page that can automatically display new publications when you add them to your My Information.
  • Find Experts and Potential Collaborators: Search the database by research interests and/or publication topics to identify faculty with particular expertise and interests.
  • Import data automatically from MEDLINE and add publication entries to your co-author's CVs: For users with MEDLINE entries, the Faculty Information System automatically acquires updates to your CV and lets you approve or reject them. In addition, papers that are co-authored with Pitt colleagues only have to be entered once. With one click, a co-author can add these publication entries to the information for his or her account.
  • Create and Manage your NIH Biosketches: Produce multiple NIH Biosketches in print or electronic formats.
  • Manage your Biosketch group collection for NIH grant applications: By creating project-specific groups of colleagues in the system, you can easily send and track requests for their NIH Biosketches or CVs, and provide your materials directly to others.

Log In

  1. Log in to My Pitt (my.pitt.edu) with your University Computing Account username and password.
  2. Click Faculty Information System on the right-hand side of the page.
  3. If you are a new user: Follow onscreen prompts to enter, save, and confirm your delegates and import your publications.
    If you are an existing user: Click OK to manage your own information, or you can select a delegate from the drop-down menu. 

Annual Report Templates

The Faculty Information System lets you easily create an annual review report for your department chair or dean using one of the available University-approved templates. In addition to information from your CV, the reports can contain information about goals and accomplishments.

To see examples of each faculty report, click the following links: