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Your University Computing Account is created automatically when you start at Pitt. New students will need to activate their accounts at My Pitt ( Your account username and password will give you access to University computing services. Visit My Pitt and click the Profile link at the top of the page, then click the Manage My Account link to change your password, edit your contact information, and more.

All members of the University community have an obligation to use technology services in a responsible manner. Please review the acceptable use guidelines. Students should also review the requirements for the use of information technology resources outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Additional guidelines must be followed by resident hall students.

Your Account >

Activate your account (new students), manage it, and find your account administrator (faculty and staff).

Passwords >

Learn how to change your University Computing Account password or reset it if you have forgotten it.

Account Administrators >

Review the types of accounts, view a list of administrators, and submit a form to change administrators.

Enterprise Active Directory Service >

Access all network-based resources by using your University Computing Account username and password.

Directory Services >

Find people at Pitt, use your username and password to access resources here at Pitt and elsewhere, and learn about our Active Directory Service.

Guidelines >

Review guidelines related to your University Computing Account.

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