Email Kiosks

Email kiosks, located in high-traffic areas throughout the campus, permit students to check their University email accounts. The kiosks also allow students to check course schedules, non-University email accounts, and other information through a Web browser. Students can print from email kiosks to self-service print stations located in all campus computing labs. Email kiosks are located in the following areas throughout campus.

Email Kiosk Location Number of Kiosks
Barco Law Library 2
Bellefield Hall 2nd Floor Lobby 2
Benedum Hall Ground Floor
Book Center 2
Cathedral of Learning/4th Floor/
College of General Studies
Chevron Science Center Lobby s
Forbes Pavilion Lobby 2
Langley Hall Lobby 2
Litchfield Towers Lobby 4
Lothrop Hall Lobby 4
O'Hara Student Center 2
Panther Hall 2
Pennsylvania Hall Ground Floor 3
Petersen Event Center 2
Posvar Hall 1st Floor East 4
Posvar Hall 1st Floor West 4
Sennot Square Second Floor Lobby 2
Sutherland Hall 2
Trees Hall 2
Victoria Building Cafe 2
Victoria Building Lounge 2
William Pitt Union Lobby 3
William Pitt Union - Schenley Cafe 2