Email Forwarding

Your University of Pittsburgh email address ( is the address used for all official University communication. It is the only email address that will appear in University publications such as the telephone directory, the Student Information System (PeopleSoft), the CourseWeb course information system, and My Pitt ( In addition, students will receive e-Bills at their University email address.

CSSD recommends that you do not forward your email to non-University addresses. However, if you choose to, you can forward your University email via your My Pitt Profile page. You may have up to five delivery addresses associated with your University Computer Account. The University will send your messages to each address you enter, but it cannot guarantee that outside service providers will accept these messages for delivery (for example, because of blacklisting).

If you choose to read your email at another address, you remain responsible for all messages that are sent to your University address. Check your email provider's spam filter regularly to ensure you have not missed any important messages from the University.

Note: All forwarding changes take effect immediately

Access Your My Pitt Profile to Set Forwarding

1. Log in to My Pitt ( and click Profile at the top right-hand corner of any page.

2. Click Manage Your Account.

3. Click Email Forwarding.

4. A default email delivery rule was set when your account was activated. Enter your email addresses in the address fields.

  • To receive Enterprise IMAP email, must be included as an email forwarding address. This is the default forwarding address for all new University students, faculty, and staff.
  • To receive Enterprise Exchange email, must be included as an email forwarding address. You must read your email through Exchange to ensure that you receive all email addressed to, including email sent from other Enterprise Exchange users.
  • If you plan to read your University email on both systems (Exchange and IMAP) or at a non-University address, you will need to enter the appropriate forwarding addresses as well as acknowledge your selections.

5. Click Save. You will receive a message that your settings have been successfully updated.