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My Pitt Video: Enable Keynote 5 support

In the latest version of the My Pitt Video (Panopto) Recorder for Mac, at your initial login you will see a new checkbox titled "Record Keynote 5 or lower" (see below). Clicking the "Enable" button will allow the Keynote plugin to be installed.


Enabling Keynote may not work. You can resolve this using the below steps:

1.  Navigate to Keynote 5 in Finder

2.  Right-click and choose "Show Package Contents"

3.  Navigate to Contents and then Resources. Right-click the Animations folder and choose "Get Info".

4.  At the bottom of the Get Info window, expand "Sharing & Permissions".

5.  Apply the following permissions: System - Read & Write admin - Read & Write everyone - Read & Write.

6.  Click the gear icon at the bottom of the "Get Info" window and choose "Apply to enclosed items".

7.  Re-open your My Pitt Video (Panopto) Recorder, and enable Keynote 5.

Note: If you have blocked the Mac OS X feature "Spotlight" from indexing the path where Keynote is installed, the Recorder will be unable to detect Keynote being installed.