My Pitt Video: How to Batch Upload Video Files (with Unison)

There are two different ways to upload already existing video files into Unison:

  • Upload from the New Session page (only allows one video file to be uploaded at a time).
  • Launching the editor in Composer (allows for multiple video/presentations files to be uploaded).

How to Upload video files from the New Sessions page:

1.  Click "All Folders" or "My Folders" on the left hand column and choose the Folder where the session will be created.

2.  Click the "Create" drop-down menu on the top panel after choosing your folder.

3.  Choose "Upload video".

4.  Under Actions - drag and drop in the video file or click "Browse" to select the file.

5.  Wait for Uploading/Processing to finish. It may take a while based on the size and amount of files being uploaded.



6.  Once processed, the session can be edited right away. Once the publishing completes, you will be notified that it is safe to close the window and perform other tasks.