PittNet(Wireless): Connecting to Guest Wireless


This help sheet explains the steps for connecting to guest wireless on campus. Guest wireless service is available for short-term use by guests on official University business.

Before using the instructions below to connect, the guest must have submitted an access request in advance and a faculty or staff member must have approved the request. Alternatively, a faculty or staff member can create an account on behalf of a guest.

For an overview of the request and approval process, please refer to the help sheet titled Guest Wireless Access Overview. If you need to request an account, please refer to the help sheet titled Instructions for Requesting Access.

Logging in to the Guest Wireless PittNet Network

  1. When you arrive on campus, take your laptop computer to a location where wireless service is available.  You can visit technology.pitt.edu for a complete list of access locations.
  2. Open the software that you use to manage your wireless network card (usually found in the system tray of Windows computers).  Select the GUEST-WIRELESS-PITTNET network and connect to it.
  3. Open a Web browser.  The following Guest Login window will display.
  4. In the Email field, enter the email address that you used when you completed the Guest Access Request form.  In the Password field, enter the password that you set.  Click the Login button to connect to the Guest Wireless PittNet network.

    Note: If you arrive on campus without first setting your password, log in by entering your email address in the lower half of the page.  If your request has been approved, you will be prompted to accept the Acceptable Use Policy and set your password at this time.  If your request has not been approved yet, you will need to obtain approval from your Host before you can proceed.