Secure Remote Access: Accessing Online Resources with Web Connect


The Secure Remote Access is a secure remote access solution that allows University students, faculty, and staff to access University online resources when off campus or while using Wireless PittNet. Students, faculty, and staff can connect to the Secure Remote Access using one of two connection methods:

  • Web Connect: Web Connect allows users to access online Web resources that are restricted to University affiliates. This includes online Web services and databases that are restricted to University users. Note: Web Connect is not needed to access online journals and other content through www.library.pitt.edu or www.hsls.pitt.edu. EZProxy should be used instead.
  • Network Connect: Network Connect allows faculty and staff access to systems on the University network. It is used most often to enable remote desktop connections to PCs in University offices although it also supports connections to department file servers, databases, IP-restricted Web services and printers. Network Connect sessions require that the Pulse Secure Client be installed and configured on the remote system. Instructions for configuring the Pulse Secure Client for Windows and Macintosh systems, mobile (iOS and Android) versions, and Pulse for Chromebooks are also available.

These instructions explain how to use the Web Connect.

Note: The following operating system and Web browser combinations have been confirmed as compatible with the Secure Remote Access service. If your operating system or Web browser is NOT on the following list, but still works with Secure Remote Access, please be advised that it is not guaranteed to be compatible with future service upgrades.

Operating System Browsers
Windows Vista with SP 1 Internet Explorer 7 - 9, Firefox 24 (or higher) with Oracle JRE 7
Windows 7 Internet Explorer 7 - 10, Firefox 24 (or higher) with Oracle JRE 7, Chrome
Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 & 11, Firefox 24 (or higher) with Oracle JRE 7, Chrome
Windows 10 Internet Explorer 11
Mac OS X (10.7, 10.8 or 10.9) Safari 5.1 (or higher) and Oracle JRE 6

Connect to the Secure Remote Access Service

1. Open a Web browser to sremote.pitt.edu and enter your University Computing Account username and password.

2. Click the Connection Method drop-down menu and select Web Connect. (If you do not see a Connection Method drop-down menu, proceed to step 3.)

3. Click the Log In button.

4. The Welcome screen displays. Click a link in the Web Bookmarks section to connect to a restricted Web site.

Secure Remote Access Login

Disconnect from the Secure Remote Access Service

To disconnect, click the Sign Out button on the home screen or close all of the Web browser windows you opened using the Secure Remote Access Service. It is also recommended that you exist the Web browser itself.

Note: You may use the Secure Remote Access Service for a maximum of four hours at a time. After four hours you will be automatically disconnected from the service. You will also be automatically disconnected from the Secure Remote Access Service if your session is idle for thirty minutes.