Launch iTunes U

To view audio and video files on iTunes U, you'll need a Web browser, an Internet connection, and the iTunes application. If you do not have iTunes installed, you can download it from The University of Pittsburgh has public and restricted iTunes U content.

Any files you download from iTunes U are for your personal use only and may not be reproduced, re-recorded or shared with others.

View Public Content

Public content can be viewed by anyone and is available in the iTunes U Store.

View Restricted Content

Restricted content (for example, course materials) can be accessed by Pitt students and faculty associated with a specific course. Restricted content is accessed through the iTunes U community at My Pitt (

Learn how to view and download content below.

  1. Click the iTunes U Login button on the main page.
  2. A Security Information pop-up window may display. Click Yes to continue.
  3. Connecting to iTunes U at the University of Pittsburgh Screenshot

  4. A second pop-up window may display asking if you want to close the Internet Explorer window. Click Yes.
  5. Close the window

  6. Browse to the Album page you are interested in.
  7. The Album page will display. The content may be organized by Tabs. Click a tab to view the content contained within it.
  8. There are two ways to view or listen to content. Double click the name of a track to launch it on your computer. Or click the Get button to download the track.