Enjoy a Faster Wireless PittNet Experience Optimized for Newer Devices

Monday, August 24, 2015 - 07:30


Computing Services and Systems Development is excited to announce a new wireless network that will allow students, faculty, and staff with newer laptops, smartphones, and tablets to take advantage of faster wireless speeds.

The new wireless network, called Wireless-PittNet-Fast, is a supplement to the University’s existing Wireless PittNet network. Wireless-PittNet-Fast is available on all campuses in the same locations where Wireless PittNet is available.

To try it, just connect your phone, tablet, or laptop to Wireless-PittNet-Fast and enter your University Computing Account username and password. Most devices made within the last 18 months will be able to connect. If your device does not support Wireless-PittNet-Fast, you will still be able to use Wireless PittNet everywhere that you do today.

Wireless-PittNet-Fast can provide up to 300 Mbps of shared bandwidth per access point. It operates in the 5 GHz spectrum and utilizes the 802.11 a/n/ac standard exclusively.

Computing Services and Systems Development is constantly working to deliver outstanding wireless service to Pitt students, faculty, and staff. You can learn more about our efforts at http://technology.pitt.edu/wireless.