Secure Remote Access Service Health Check Update Affects Older Antivirus Programs

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 - 10:41


The health-check feature of Secure Remote Access (VPN) was updated during the standard downtime period on January 20, 2018. This update accommodates a vendor change that optimizes the Health Check process.

As a result of the update, some older antivirus and personal firewall products no longer pass the Secure Remote Access Service Health Check. The following antivirus products are affected:

  •          avast! Antivirus (4.x)
  •          avast! Antivirus (managed) (4.x)
  •          avast! Antivirus Professional (4.x)
  •          AVG Anti-Virus Free (8.x)
  •          AVG Anti-Virus Free (9.x)
  •          AVG Anti-Virus Free (10.x)
  •          McAfee Endpoint Security Threat Prevention (10.x)
  •          McAfee Managed VirusScan (4.x)
  •          McAfee VirusScan version 10.x through 16.x)
  •          Sophos Anti-Virus (7.x)
  •          Sophos Anti-Virus (10.x)
  •          Trend Micro Core Protection Module (1.x)
  •          Trend Micro Endpoint (10.x)
  •          Trend Micro OfficeScan Client (8.x)
  •          Webroot AntiVirus (8.x)

If you use one of the antivirus programs listed above, CSSD recommends you update to a more recent version of your antivirus software. All students, faculty, and staff can download Symantec Endpoint Protection at no cost at software.pitt.edu.

Please contact the Technology Help Desk at 412 624-HELP (4357) if you have any questions about this announcement.