Emergency Notification Service

The University's Emergency Notification Service will be used to communicate with subscribers through voice, text, and email messages, as deemed appropriate in the event of an emergency. All University students, faculty, and staff are eligible to subscribe. Each subscriber can designate up to three contact numbers and specify text and/or voice messages. The Quick Test features enables you to send a test message to your wireless device. The Emergency Notification Service is designed for use with portable devices and is only one aspect of a layered approach to notifying the University community of emergencies.

How do I subscribe?

  1. Log in to My Pitt (my.pitt.edu)
  2. Click the Profile link near the top right corner of the page.
  3. Click Manage Your Account.
  4. Select Emergency Notification System Subscription and follow the directions.

You can also text pitt sub yourusername ens to 41411. For example, if your University Computing Account username is jdoe99, you would text pitt sub jdoe99 ens to 41411.

Note: It is your responsibility to ensure your information is accurate and up-to-date.

Note: The University does not charge a fee to subscribe to this service; however, you are responsible for any messaging fees from your mobile phone/device provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are three contact numbers required?

No, only one is required to subscribe.

Will all three phones/devices receive alerts?

Yes, if you enter three contact numbers when you subscribe.

Whose contact information should I enter?

As a student, faculty or staff subscriber, you will want to be alerted in the event of an emergency. We recommend that all contact numbers belong to you. However, the system does not restrict you from entering the phone number of another person such as a parent or spouse.

Note: Please use your own phone if you plan to subscribe to ENS by text messaging.

What if my contact numbers are wrong or have changed?

You can change your contact information at any time by logging into My Pitt. Click the Profile link (top right corner of the page), click Manage Your Account, and then select “Emergency Notification System Subscription”. Enter your changes and click “Save.”

Can I receive both a text and voice message on the same phone/device?

Yes. However, your phone/device must be capable of receiving both. When entering your contact numbers, check both the “Text” and “Voice” boxes to receive both types of messages.

Can I receive alerts if my mobile phone doesn’t have text messaging?

Yes. When you enter your mobile phone number, select “Voice” only. In the event of an emergency, you will receive a voice message.

Can I select a traditional hard-wired phone to receive a voice message?

While it is possible to select a hard-wired phone number, the system is intended primarily for use with mobile devices. University phone numbers are not accepted by the system since the volume of calls and design of the service (i.e. retrying calls that are not answered) would have a significant impact on University phone service. The University has several procedures in place to notify individuals in the event of an emergency, and the emergency notification service is intended to augment rather than replace these other procedures.

How do I know the message is from the University?

For voice, the caller ID will display as 412-624-1526. We recommend that you add this phone number to your address book as "Pitt ENS" so that you will recognize it immediately. For text, the message will be sent from 41526. For email, the message will be sent from ens@pitt.edu.

Does Pitt charge for the service?

No. There is no cost to subscribers. However, you are responsible for any mobile or text charges incurred from your mobile phone/device provider(s).

Will subscribers participate in any tests of the Emergency Notification Service?

Yes. Occasionally, the service will be tested with subscriber participation. This type of test will be well publicized in advance.

How does the Test Now feature work?

ENS subscribers can test the service at any time by using the Test Now feature. To do so, click the "Subscribe" link at the top of this page. Next, check the "Test Now" box next to the contact number you wish to test and click the "Save" button. You will receive a test message, similar to the one below, to indicate your phone/device is receiving ENS notices.

Pitt ENS Quick Test: [USERNAME] has sent this test message. If you received this test in error, call 412-624-4357.

Note: Only three Tests are permitted in any 24-hour period to reduce unnecessary stress on the system.

I subscribed, but did not receive a text or voice message. Why?

The Emergency Notification Service makes a best effort to deliver all messages, including multiple attempts at sending the message. However a message may not be delivered due to a wrong number or a problem with your provider. Therefore, it is very important that your contact information is accurate.

I read that the service sends email messages. How do I enter my email address?

You do not need to provide your email address. In the event of an emergency, an email message will automatically be sent to subscribers at their official University email address, username@pitt.edu.

Will I be spammed with unwanted messages from the University?

No. This service will be used for emergency purposes only.

What if I leave or withdraw from the University? Will I still get alerts?

No. You will be unsubscribed from the service upon leaving or withdrawing from the University.

How do I unsubscribe?

If you decide to stop receiving notifications, you can cancel your subscription by removing your contact information in the subscription form on My Pitt. Click the Profile link (top right corner of the page), click Manage Your Account, and then select “Emergency Notification System Subscription”. Remove your contact information and click “Save.”

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