It is the responsibility of all faculty, staff and students to comply with University policies and regulations relating to security.

Social Security Numbers >

The University has strict controls on the collection, use and maintenance of Social Security numbers.

Copyright Protection >

It is the policy of the University to respect copyright protections.

Acceptable Computing Access and Use >

The University has established a policy for acceptable use of technology resources.

Enterprise Security Controls Policy >

For the use of Enterprise email, web services and network firewalls.

Security-Related Regulations and Standards >

Additional regulations and standards related to security.

Best Practice: Safe Social Networking >

Protect your reputation and your privacy when using social networking sites.

Best Practice: Avoiding Identity Theft >

Identity theft is the deliberate assumption of another individual’s identity, usually to gain access to a person's finances or to frame that person for a crime.

Additional Security Policies >

The University has additional policies addressing security practices and sensitive information.

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