Accessing the Student Information System (PeopleSoft)

The University's Student Information System (PeopleSoft) helps the University manage the entire student lifecycle-from recruiting and admissions to student services through graduation-in a secure, Web-based environment.

Access to the Student Information System and Data Warehouse are governed by a Federated Authorization process that is designed to ensure users have access only to the data they require to fulfill their University responsibilities.

CSSD has developed an online Federated Authorization process that makes requesting access faster and easier. It retains all the security and auditing benefits of the paper-based federated authorization process while eliminating the need to print paper forms, obtain handwritten signatures, and fax forms to additional approvers.

This Web page explains the online request process in detail.

Requesting Access Online

Who's Who?

  • End user: Person for whom access is being requested.
  • Security Contact: Individuals designated by their University unit to ensure authorized employees have access only to the PeopleSoft data needed to perform their jobs.
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  • University Data Steward: Individuals responsible for granting additional approval when a certain level of access is requested.  
  • CSSD Security Analyst: Computing Services and Systems Development staff members responsible for reviewing and granting final approval to all access requests.

The Request Process in 60 Seconds

Watch a quick overview of the online request process from start to finish.


Step-by-Step Request Process

Description Detailed instructions
1. The Security Contact submits the online request form at My Pitt on behalf of the end user.

(Click the link above and log in to My Pitt. In the right-hand column, enter a username under "Access for a user in my area" and then click Federated Authorization Request.

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2. The end user receives an email notification, reviews the digital form, and signs it.

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3. The Data Steward receives an email notification (if necessary), reviews the digital form, and signs it.
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4. The CSSD Security Analyst receives an email notification, reviews the digital form, and signs it.
5. The end user and Security Contact receive an email notification confirming access has been granted.

Note: When requesting access for a new user, you may sometimes want the new user's access to be similar to the access of a current user. You can look up an existing user's roles in PeopleSoft and use them as a reference when completing step 1 above.