Tools and Services

Computer and Hard Disk Disposal Service >

Securely remove sensitive information and properly dispose of computer equipment.

Secure Your Data Community >

Tools to help faculty and staff protect University computing resources and sensitive information.

Digital Certificates >

Digital certificates for computers and servers establish your credentials when doing business on the Web.

Enterprise Network Firewalls >

A firewall keeps security threats such as worms and hackers away from computers behind it.

Incident Response >

CSSD responds quickly to security incidents.

Pitt Software Update Service >

Get the latest security updates and service packs for your Microsoft computer automatically.

Secure Remote Access Service >

Connect to restricted University resources when you are off campus or using Wireless PittNet.

Secure Shell (SSH) and SFTP >

Securely connect to a remote computer and securely transfer files between computers.

Security Monitoring and Alerts >

Security alerts are posted to the main page of the Web site.

Software Tools >

Tools to protect your computer and the University's computing environment.

Spam and Virus Email Filtering >

This service scans your incoming email for spam and viruses.

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