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Technology services are integrated into almost every aspect of your daily academic life at Pitt. You probably use our services many times each day without even thinking about it: when you send an email, connect to Wireless PittNet, or log in to My Pitt. But we're much more than just a virtual presence. We have physical service locations throughout campus to help support your academic endeavors.

Overview: Service Locations Map >

View the locations of the computing labs, computer kiosks, Software Distribution Services, student support centers, and Pitt Print stations.

CSSD Technical Support Walk-in Locations >

Stop by Towers Lobby or the University Store on Fifth for in-person technical support or to pick up some great software.

Computing Labs >

Six computing labs provide a wide array of software and Pitt Print stations.

Mobile Computing Counters >

Love your laptop or tablet? Bring it with you and work in style!

Mobile Device Charging Stations >

Charging stations for your phone, tablet, or other mobile devices can be found in convenient locations across campus.

Pitt Printing >

Pitt Printing enables students to send print jobs from any location to Pitt Print stations throughout campus.

Enterprise Digital Signage >

Your department can create great looking signs that can display almost any type of content.

Kiosks >

Computer kiosks across campus keep you connected to the Internet and your email wherever you are.

Software Distribution Locations >

Software Distribution Services (204 Bellefield Hall and the University Store on Fifth) provides a wide array of software to students, faculty, and staff.


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Computer Kiosks

Located in high-traffic areas, over 50 kiosks stand ready to provide quick access to email and the Web. View the list of locations.