Self-service Printing

Self-Service Printing

Self-Service Printing enables students to send print jobs from any location to self-service print stations located in all of the campus computing labs and these locations:

  • Amos Hall (1st floor lobby) **
  • Barco Law Building (4th floor)
  • Benedum Hall (basement)
  • Bouquet Gardens, building J **
  • Brackenridge Hall (1st floor lobby) **
  • Bruce Hall Lobby
  • Forbes Craig Apartments (lounge) **
  • Forbes Hall Lobby**
  • Forbes Tower (4th floor)
  • Holland Hall (11th floor lounge) **
  • Information Sciences Building (3rd floor)
  • Litchfield Towers Lobby
  • Lothrop Hall Lobby **
  • McCormick Hall (1st floor lobby) **
  • Nordenberg Hall (3rd floor) **
  • O'Hara Student Center (2nd floor)
  • Panther Hall Lobby **
  • Parran Hall (3rd floor)
  • Pennsylvania Hall Lobby **
  • Ruskin Hall Lobby **
  • Salk Hall (2nd & 4th floors)
  • Scaife Hall (Falk Library)
  • Sennott Square (2nd floor)
  • Sutherland Hall Lobby **
  • University Store on Fifth (main level)
  • Victoria Hall (2nd floor)
  • Wesley W. Posvar Hall (1st & 5th floors)
  • William Pitt Union Lobby

* Note that for security reasons, these print stations are only accessible to students living in those residence halls.

** Note: These printers are not available during summer term because the residence halls are closed.

All students can print to the print stations located in the other residence halls.

Self-Service Printing enables printing from:

  • Computers in the campus residence halls
  • Computers connected to Wireless PittNet
  • Campus Computer Kiosks
  • Computers in the campus computing labs
  • Off-campus computers

Self-Service Printing software is available for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP with SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 as well as Mac OS X 10.4 and higher. To use the service, install the required self-service printing software from the Software Download Service at My Pitt. Next, send a print job to the self-service print queue. Finally, print your job from one of the self-service print stations.

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