Personal Web sites and UNIX Timesharing

Many schools at the University of Pittsburgh use the UNIX Timesharing Service for research, classroom work, and teaching. It can be used to run specialty software applications for engineering and mathematics that require a UNIX environment. It can also be used to access your disk space on the Andrew File System (AFS).

Individual students, faculty, and staff must connect to the UNIX Timesharing Service using their University Computing Account username and password. You can use space on the UNIX Timesharing Service to create a personal Web page. The Unix Timesharing Service has a quota of 5 MB.

You must connect to the UNIX Timesharing Service using SSH (secure shell) and SFTP (secure file transfer protocol). SSH enables you to securely log in to a remote computer and SFTP allows you to transfer files securely between two computers. If you use Web authoring software, you must publish files using SFTP.

Detailed Help

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