Pitt Printing


Pitt Printing enables students to send print jobs from any location to Pitt Print stations located in all of the campus computing labs, many residence halls, and other high-traffic locations across the Pittsburgh campus. Pitt Printing enables remote printing from:

  • personal computers with an Internet connection (Pitt Printing software must be installed)
  • computer kiosks
  • computers in the computing labs
  • smartphones and tablets with email capabilities

To use Pitt Printing, students must first download and install the Pitt Printing client from the Software Download Service at My Pitt (my.pitt.edu). After sending a print job to a Pitt printer, students can pick up the document by swiping their University ID card at a Pitt Print station.

Pitt Printing Software

Pitt Printing software is available for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8, and 10  as well as Mac OS X 10.7 and higher. To use the service, install the required Pitt Printing software from the Software Download Service at My Pitt.

New! MobilePrint

MobilePrint is an extension of the Pitt Printing service that makes it simple to print from smartphones and mobile devices. Send an email message to mobileprint@pitt.edu with an attachment of the file that you want to print or enter the information that you want to print in the body of the email message. Students may then pick up the print job at any Pitt Print station. For more information, see the MobilePrint FAQ.

Printing in the Computing Labs

Pitt Printing is a student resource. Both color and black & white printers are available in all labs. By default, print jobs sent from a lab computer are sent to Pitt Printing stations located in the labs. Students simply swipe their ID cards at the Pitt print station to print and pick up their job.

Print Stations around Campus

Pitt Printing enables students to send print jobs from any location to Pitt print stations located in all of the computing labs and the following locations:

Note For the summer term: Some printers will NOT be available for use. Please consult the following Pitt Printing Locations list. Any location win a double asterisk (**) will NOT be available.

Pitt Printing Locations

  • Amos Hall (1st floor lobby) * **
  • Barco Law Building (ground & 4th floors)
  • Benedum Hall (basement)
  • Bouquet Gardens, building J * **
  • Brackenridge Hall (1st floor lobby) * **
  • Bridgeside Point 100 (1st floor )
  • Bruce Hall Lobby
  • Cathedral of Learning G-25
  • Chevron Hall Lobby
  • David Lawrence Hall (2nd floor)
  • Forbes Craig Apartments (lounge) * **
  • Forbes Hall Lobby **
  • Forbes Tower (4th floor)
  • Holland Hall (11th floor lounge) * **
  • Information Sciences Building (3rd floor)
  • Langley Hall Lobby
  • Litchfield Towers Lobby
  • Lothrop Hall Lobby * **
  • McCormick Hall (1st floor lobby) * **
  • Mervis Hall (room 118)
  • Nordenberg Hall (3rd floor) * **
  • O'Hara Student Center (2nd floor)
  • Panther Hall Lobby * **
  • Parran Hall (3rd floor)
  • Pennsylvania Hall Lobby * **
  • Ruskin Hall Lobby * **
  • Salk Hall (2nd & 4th floors)
  • Scaife Hall (Falk Library)
  • Sennott Square (2nd floor)
  • Sutherland Hall Lobby **
  • University Store on Fifth (main level)
  • Victoria Hall (2nd floor)
  • Wesley W. Posvar Hall (1st & 5th floors)
  • William Pitt Union Lobby

* Note that for security reasons, these print stations are only accessible to students living in those residence halls.

** For the summer term, these printers will NOT be available for use.

Quick Print Stations in the Labs

In a hurry? We have installed Quick Print stations in all of our computing labs to help you print that paper and get on your way. Quick Print stations feature faster logins than normal computing lab machines and 15-minute time limits. Please keep in mind that you will automatically be logged out after 15 minutes.

Check Your Print Quota

Pittsburgh campus students receive 900 print units per semester. Black & white sheets are 1 unit each. Color sheets are 7 units each.

Students can purchase additional print units for $0.07 each at the Technology Services Desk at the University Store on Fifth (please remember your Pitt ID) or using Pay Stations located in the David Lawrence Hall and Hillman Library Campus Computing Labs (cash only).

You can check how many pages you have printed at any time. Log in to my.pitt.edu, select Profile, click Manage Your Account and then click Manage Email and Print Quota.



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