Consulting for Departments


CSSD offers a broad array of high-quality IT support options that are tailored to fit your school or department's specific needs on the Pittsburgh campus. In many cases, we can save time and reduce your overall IT support costs by delivering the precise level of service that you require - we give you the flexibility to start small and expand the contract later if support needs grow, or scale it back if less help is needed. Departments that contract services receive the full breadth and depth of our experience without having to staff and manage their own IT organization.


Dedicated contract analyst support include the following:

  • Requires minimal to no departmental management of a technical position.
  • Ensures your department's technical decisions are consistent with CSSD policies, infrastructure, and strategic plans.
  • Ensures quality support is provided for departmental computing needs.

On-site consultants provide desktop computer support, server support, mobile device support, project support, purchasing advice, IT liaison services, and installation of essential security patches and upgrades. All consultants are at least at the Systems/Programmer III job classification with extensive knowledge of Pitt's technology infrastructure and services, so you can be sure you are receiving experienced, high-quality support. The following guidelines can also provide more information:

We work together with University departments to determine the amount of analyst time needed. Our contracts are flexible: they can last for the duration of a specific project or program, or they can be specified as a given number of days per week (usually from one day to five days). Most contracts are one year in length and are usually renewed on an annual basis. Dedicated on-site consulting is currently available on the Pittsburgh campus.

Schedule a consultation to hear how we can help meet your IT needs efficiently without compromising quality. Contact Lou Passarello at 412-624-6182 for details.

Computer and Hard Disk Disposal Service

The University's Surplus Property group offers a free service of securely removing and disposing in an environmentally sensitive manner end-of-life computers and hard disks.

Surplus Property can come to your office to pick up and securely transfer your computers and hard disks using a locked container. The equipment will be securely transported to the University's Lexington Warehouse facility. Any sensitive information stored on hard disks will then be destroyed using crushing techniques to ensure this data can never be accessed. Hazardous materials will be separated and properly disposed, while the metal parts are recycled.

Surplus Property will track the hard drive serial number, model and manufacturer of disposed hard disks to provide a record that they were properly destroyed.

To request a disposal pickup, contact Surplus Property at 412-244-7071 or visit the Surplus Property Web site.

Learn more about the risks with disclosure of sensitive information >