My Pitt (my.pitt.edu)


My Pitt (my.pitt.edu) is your personal guide to the Pitt experience! It's a central location for accessing University services, such as the Student Information System (PeopleSoft), My Pitt Email, the Software Download Service, CourseWeb, PRISM, and other enterprise systems. My Pitt (my.pitt.edu) is the University of Pittsburgh’s Web portal. It's a one-stop source for access to online services and resources. Home pages are customized to meet the specific needs of students, faculty, and staff. Access to key services — such as email, Student Center, Faculty Center, CourseWeb, and PittPAY — is available right on your home page. My Pitt continues to provide a single point of Web access to the information that you will use most at the University.

Home pages are customized to meet the specific needs of students, faculty and staff. Targeted announcements on the My Pitt landing page keep students, faculty, and staff informed about University news, accomplishments, and events. Student applicants also have access to My Pitt resources.

To log in, visit my.pitt.edu. This will take you to the Pitt Passport authentication page. Enter your University Computing Account username and password, and click Submit.

Home Page

The first screen that you see once you log in to My Pitt is called the Home Page. This page is customized based on your role at the University. Students, faculty, staff, and applicants will each see a unique home page designed specifically for their needs.  Access to key services — such as email, Student Center, Faculty Center, CourseWeb, and PittPAY — will be available directly from the home page.  You can always return to your home page by clicking on the home icon. My Pitt home icon

Navigation Bar

The first screen you will see after logging in to My Pitt is called a Home Page . At the top of your Home Page, you will see a navigation bar:

The navigation bar appears on the top of every page at My Pitt. It features various menu items that will take you to other areas of the site. Click a menu item to visit a new section of My Pitt. The My Resources menu item displays a drop-down menu listing all the portal communities to which you belong.

Additional Navigation Bar Functions

The navigation bar features several other functions:

  • My Pitt Email – Your University email appears as an envelope icon in the upper-right corner of every page of My Pitt. Faculty and staff with Enterprise Exchange (on premises) email will also see a My Pitt Email envelope. Simply click on the envelope icon to access your email.My Pitt email address icon

  • Help Me – Displays resources to help you use My Pitt.My Pitt resources icon

  • Search My Pitt – Allows you to search the portal to find specific information.My Pitt search icon

  • My Home – Returns you to your Home Page (i.e., the page that displays when you first log in to the portal).My Pitt home icon

  • Profile – Enables you to join new portal communities, edit your display options, adjust your spam filtering, and manage your University Computing Account.My Pitt Profile icon

  • Log Out – Ends your portal session.My Pitt log out icon

Search (askCathy)

  1. Search More Easily: A powerful search bar at the top of the page returns more relevant results and helps you find what you are looking for faster.   
  2. Browse More Quickly: Text links in the right-hand column are task icons that clearly indicate what service you will be accessing. 
  3. Ask Cathy: Click to preview a new tool that connects you to familiar University services and helps you discover new ones.  

My Pitt Enhancements

If you use the new My Pitt search bar or click the Cathedral image in the left-hand column, you will be taken to Ask Cathy. Ask Cathy enables you to find and organize University services and information.University services that are available through Ask Cathy display as rectangular icons called Tasks. Just click a task to access it. Once you log in to a task, you won’t need to log in to access others.       

askCathy Benefits

  • Find it in a flash: Relevant search results populate as you type.
  • Take it with you: Enjoy an interface that is optimized for your phone or tablet. 
  • Personalize your page: Favorite tasks and move them to the top of your page by clicking the heart icon next to any task.
  • Discover new services: Click the information icon on a task to view more information about it, including related tasks. You can also click the Browse categories link below the search bar to view groups of related tasks. 


Share Your Feedback

Do you have a task in mind that you would like to see added to Ask Cathy? Do you have a suggestion or some feedback you would like to share? We want to hear from you. Click the Send Feedback image at the top of the page in Ask Cathy to share your comments with us.

My Pitt Tabs

Across the top of My Pitt, you will see various menu items that have been categorized to assist you with your school or work needs. The following menu items are available, as shown in the screen below:

  • University Services & Information
  • Academic Resources
  • Getting Around
  • Life on Campus
  • My Resources
  • Help Me

University Services and Information

The University Services & Information page provides access to key services to assist you as a student, faculty, or staff member at the University.

The left-hand menu provides links to pages containing information about frequently used services, such as the Student Center or Faculty Center. The left-hand menu may also display a “Take Action” box with links to events that you are eligible to participate in, such as an election or survey. The Take Action box may also include other time-sensitive activities, such as paying your tuition bill with PittPAY or subscribing to the Emergency Notification Service.

The center section displays news and information as well as links to University departments and services.

The right-hand menu provides links to other areas of the portal, such as Career Development and Panther Central for students and Human Resources for faculty and staff.

My Pitt other portal locations

Academic Resources

The Academic Resources page provides access to key academic services for students and faculty.

The center section provides students with links to their grades and class schedule for the current and previous terms. Note that grades are only available during certain times of the academic year. Links to each school's Web site are also available in the center section along with other academic resources.

The right menu provides a secure login to your Student Center (or your Faculty Center) and CourseWeb.

My Pitt login to Student or Faculty Center and CourseWeb


Getting Around

The Getting Around page provides access to campus maps, parking information, bus and shuttle routes, weather, and more.

My Pitt Getting Around


Life On Campus

The My Resources menu displays a list of all the communities to which you belong. To access a community, simple select it from the drop-down list.

All the communities to which you belonged in the previous version of my.pitt.edu have been transferred to the new My Pitt. You do not need to rejoin communities. You can join new communities from the Profile page.

My Pitt joining communities from profile page

The Life on Campus page provides information and resources about student life on campus including details about student organizatons.

The right-hand menu features links to campus news and information.

My Resources

My Pitt My Resources


Help Me

The Help Me page enables you to quickly and easily find detailed help and documentation about My Pitt.

You can also chat live with the Technology Help Desk by clicking the Chat link in the right-hand column.


My Pitt Help Me and Live Chat


My Pitt Profile

Click the Profile link in the top right corner of the window to visit your My Pitt Profile page. Here you can accomplish the following tasks:

  • View and edit your user profile, display options, and search preferences.

  • Join or unsubscribe from communities.

  • Subscribe to the Emergency Notification Service.

  • Set your spam filtering preferences.

  • Manage your University Computing Account.

My Pitt Manage Your Account


Log Out

When you have finished your My Pitt session, be sure to log out by clicking the link in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

My Pitt log out