Software Download Service


The Software Download Service enables students, faculty, and staff to search for and download software that is distributed at no cost through the University’s software licensing program. The Software Download Service provides secure, electronic distribution of software that is licensed through University site license agreements. It is used by students, faculty, and staff on and off campus. This service is only available to computers that have authenticated through the My Pitt (my.pitt.edu) portal.

The service has a number of features, including the following:

  • Search options
  • Ability to filter and sort search results
  • Fast downloads
  • Detailed software descriptions
  • Automatic access to dozens of academic courseware titles available to all faculty

University-licensed software is available to all members of the University community with a primary University Computing Account. Academic courseware for faculty is licensed and available only to eligible teaching faculty with a primary account.

This help sheet explains how to use the service.


  1. All Windows and Macintosh users: The first time you download software you will be prompted to install the Download Manager. You must install the Download Manager to download software using the Software Download Service (see page 5).
  2. Faculty: Faculty must install a program called KeyAccess to use many academic courseware titles. You will be prompted if a software title you would like to download requires KeyAccess.