Skype for Business: Schedule a Meeting Through My Pitt (for Students)

Most students will need to use My Pitt to schedule meetings with Skype for Business (Microsoft Lync):

1. Log in to My Pitt.

2. Click Lync for Pitt on the right-hand side of the page, then click Lync Web Scheduler.

3. If prompted, enter your University Computing Account username and password.

4. The Skype for Business Web Scheduler will display. Click Create New Meeting.

5. Complete the fields for the meeting.

Research Networks


The Internet2 Network provides the U.S. Research and education community with a dynamic, innovative and cost effective hybrid-optical and packet network to meet the community's special needs.

CSSD connects Pitt's researchers and educators to Internet2 and its member communities through the Pittsburgh GigaPop. The Three Rivers Optical Exchange (3Rox) is a regional network aggregation point, providing high speed network access to research and commodity networks.

Internet2 InCommon Federation/Shibboleth Communities