Secure Your Data Software

The Secure Your Data community at My Pitt (my.pitt.edu) guides faculty and staff through the process of securing their computers and the information stored on them. It is also provides software tools, at no cost, to help individual faculty and staff, as well as departmental IT staff, accomplish each step in this process.


The University is committed to ensuring that all students at Pitt have the opportunity to succeed. The Office of Disability Resources and Services coordinates the offering of appropriate accommodations to students with disabilities. Computing Services and Systems Development recognizes that technology services play a key role in assisting students with disabilities. To that end, we provide a range of technology resources to Pitt students.

Alumni Hall Collaborative Team Rooms

Three collaborative team rooms in our B-40 Alumni Hall computing lab enable students to display presentations on a large, centrally located monitor and work together on whiteboards that line the walls of each room. Each room has a sliding door to provide privacy for groups while maintaining a quiet working environment for individuals using computers in the lab.

Computing Lab Classroom Reservations


In order to facilitate technology in teaching, CSSD provides two computing classrooms for faculty at the Pittsburgh campus to reserve for instructional use. Instructors can reserve a lab classroom by following the instructions outlined below. The classrooms are equipped with Windows PCs.