Basic UNIX Commands

Use the following commands to help you manage your UNIX account.

IMPORTANT: The UNIX (Ultrix) operating system is case sensitive. All commands must be typed in lower-case

letters unless noted otherwise.

Displaying a Directory

ls-- Lists the names of files in a particular UNIX directory. If you type the ls command with no parameters or qualifiers, the command displays the files listed in your current working directory. When you give the ls command, you can add one or more modifiers to get additional information.

PittNet(Wireless): Requesting Guest Wireless Access


This help sheet explains the steps for requesting wireless guest access. For an overview of the request and approval process, please refer to the help sheet titled Guest Wireless Access Overview.

PittNet(Wireless): Configuring Wi-Fi Devices


Computing Services and Systems Development supports general connectivity for wi-fi devices. You should be able to connect successfully to Wireless PittNet or WIRELESS-PITTNET-FAST by configuring your wi-fi device according to the specifications below.

Configuring Wi-Fi Devices

If you use Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Mac OS X, the settings below will be configured automatically:

Secure Remote Access: Accessing Online Resources with Web Connect


The Secure Remote Access is a secure remote access solution that allows University students, faculty, and staff to access University online resources when off campus or while using Wireless PittNet. Students, faculty, and staff can connect to the Secure Remote Access using one of two connection methods:

PittNet(Wireless): Guest Wireless Access Overview


Guests visiting the University of Pittsburgh can request short-term wireless access for academic- or business-related purposes. All Guests must have a University faculty or staff member approve their requests and act as their Host. Guests can submit their own requests, or a Host can submit and approve a request on behalf of a Guest.

My Pitt Video: Windows Basic Recording


The My Pitt Video (Panopto) Recorder allows a lot of flexibility in how and what you can record. A presenter may wish to record alone (with one computer) or with a videographer using a separate computer. This section will cover all aspects of recording with one computer. In this recording scenario, all presentation content (PowerPoint and/or screen capture) and video/audio is recorded from one computer.