Secure Your Data Community

As the complexity of the technology environment grows and related security threats increase, there is a need for every University unit to use available tools and services to protect University information and resources. While many security controls in place for the University are administered centrally, it requires the support of the Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs throughout the University to ensure that each area is implementing the unit-level security controls.

By following the steps in the Secure Your Data community at my pitt (my.pitt.edu), university units will have the necessary security controls in place to protect their computing resources and sensitive information:

  • Faculty and staff within the unit should install and use the security tools and services available through the links in the Faculty & Staff section. These tools will protect against viruses and spyware, keep security patches up to date, and assist with the recovery of lost or stolen laptops. Unauthorized sensitive information contained on computers or portable devices should be discovered and removed using these tools, and authorized sensitive information should be encrypted. Recommended schedules for running and updating these tools are included in this section.
  • Departmental IT staff should install and use the security tools and services available through the IT Staff link to implement proper security on all departmental servers.
  • Faculty and staff should be aware of the University security policies and standards, which include proper use of Social Security Numbers. Copies are located on the Faculty & Staff and IT Staff sections of the community.

To access the community, log in to My Pitt and select Secure Your Data from the My Resources menu.